Who is S_gardeniaaa? My username is self explanatory, my name is Gardenia and the S stands for my lastname, Sanchez.  I use this username for all my social media accounts in case you’d like to look me up or follow me.


Let’s get to know me. I’m 24-years old, I have a boyfriend, I’m a dog mommy to a beautiful red nose pitbull, I’m a loving auntie, I have an obsession with coffee, and I hoard makeup. I have a degree in Criminal Justice and I recently decided to pursue a different route in life, I’m now a dental assisting student and anticipate to graduate on December 11th, 2016! I plan to work as a dental assistant and work in that field for two years to become a RDA. While fulfilling my two years to become a RDA, I plan to finish the six pre-requisites I need prior to applying for the Dental Hygiene program. So, my career goal in life is to become a Dental Hygienist!

Why does this blog exist? This blog exists because I have a big love for makeup, music, and accessories. I mean I have a big love for several things but these are my top three. I made this blog to share all  my makeup purchases, makeup and music reviews, news/releases, etc. This blog to me is basically just a community which I can share my findings and information with.

I love posting on my blog, I feel like I’m actually connected with someone and speaking to them. I hope that you, the reader, who is reading my “about” section is actually an active reader for my blog, if not, I hope you become one.