New Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kit Color

Hello, ladies and gents! Today’s breaking news is that Kylie has finally announced the next lip kit color. Yay!

…and the new lip kit color is…“EXPOSED”

Oh, and just an fyi, this new lip kit color is part of her mattes collection.


I’m very disappointed that Kylie didn’t make this announcement on her app considering we pay monthly to be subscribed. This is the first time she announces lip kit information outside of her app.

Anywho, let’s talk a look at more photographs via Kylie’s Snapchat.

Pictured above is “Exposed” in flash form and no flash. Ooooh I love the color in flash.

Kylie had been hinting this color for about a month now and not once did we notice, I thought the lip color was Dolce all along but we were wrong, or I was wrong. Take a look at the photographs that Kylie posted with the lip color before she even announced the color.


These are photos Kylie had recently posted of herself and not once did we hint that was an upcoming lip kit color, let’s keep an eye out next time. Oh Kylie, always keeping us on our toes.

Not only did Kylie announce her new lip kit color but she also let us know that TWO MORE SHADES ARE COMING SOON! Ahhhhh!!


The question is though, are they going to be mattes, metals, or glosses. It’s hard to say but I’m really hoping for mattes because I looove matte.

So will you be purchasing the new lip kit? You guys know I am. Stay tuned for updates and release info via my Twitter page or here on the blog.




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