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Hello, guys and gals! It’s 1:50 a.m. and here I am blogging. Actually, what I’ve really been doing was finishing up some homework and then I was working on the blog. I decided to create a post cause it’s been about two weeks since I last posted and that’s not cool. 

So much has gone on in the beauty and makeup world, where to start? Well I recently purchased a “King” lip kit from Kylie Jenner’s new metallic collection that should arrive in the mail tomorrow, I was unable to get my hands on “Heir” because it sold out by the time I checked out (and you all know how the Kylie’s releases are) and I wasn’t too fond of the third metallic color, “Reign.” I mean the color is nice and all but I don’t see it suit for me. As soon as I have “King” in my hands tomorrow I will post an exclusive swatch on my blog so prepare for that and prepare for “Heir” because I WILL get my hands on it. You guys know I never fail when I get lip kits. I actually purchased two from the last mattes release on Friday, I got “Dolce K” and “Candy K” for my roommate. Head on over to www.kyliecosmetics.com to see the metals, mattes, and glosses collections.

Another great makeup news is that Rihanna will be launching her own makeup line that releases in 2017, I don’t have much information on that but as soon as I do I will get that to you guys. I know Badgalriri will release some hot stuff! I mean c’mon, her Fenty shoes with Puma are the ish! Speaking of those, I need a black and red pair of Fenty’s myself.

In other news, the lovely Nikki Tutorials has teamed up with Too Faced Cosmetics and will be launching her own palette…ahhhhh!!! She posted a sneak peak photograph on Instagram and even that got me excited for the collab. 

You guys, did anybody else get in FORMATION and see Beyonce’s LEMONADE visual on HBO this weekend. Ooooooooooooooh myyyyyyyyyyyyyy goodness! She has my mind all discombobulated because I don’t even know what to think. She broke headlines everywhere because she basically hinted to Jay-Z cheating on her, maybe now we know why Solange went whoopdie-do crazy on him in the elevator!? Her words were so painful yet too real. She let all her emotions out. She sang about heartbreak, cheating, dishonesty, revenge, etc. The lyrics about her regretting married had me in a choke hold. So who is Becky with the good hair? Hmmmm. Twitter was going HAM during the visual and then BOOM, Queen B released “Lemonade” exclusively on Tidal. Look y’all, I’m a die hard Queen B fan but I am not going to subscribe to Tidal just to get her album, especially after her letting us know the fucking asshole Jay-Z is. I’ll wait until iTunes releases the album but I can’t wait to see her next month in concert, I got floor tickets. Eeeeeeeeeeekkkk!!

In more music news, Future and Drake have teamed up for the Summer Sixteen Tour that kicks off in Detroit. THIS IS GOING TO BE LIT AS F**K!!! Official dates haven’t been released, in other words the schedule hasn’t been released to the public but they better come out to Portland or Seattle cause I’m definitely not going to miss this one. And don’t forget, Drake’s new album VIEWS 29 releases this Friday, April 29th. Who’s copping? I AM!!!

Well guys, that’s all I have for now as I’m now getting sleepy. I promise that I’ll get back in order and start blogging every other day if not every two days. I’m just so caught up getting this blog remodeled for you guys. 

Stay tuned for more.




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A 24-year old who has a passion for makeup, has an obsession with coffee, and has a tremendous love for dogs especially pitbulls.

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