Tinashe: Joyride World Tour @ Emerald City

Hey guys! So this past Friday, April 8th, I took a 3-hour drive to Seattle to attend the Tinashe concert with my bestfriend. And let me tell you, it was one hour of pure awesomeness!

For those who know me well you know I have a great taste in music, I get that told all the time when people ride in my car or whenever I have music playing around me.

Tinashe is literally one of my favorite R&B singers right now, she’s amaaaaaazing! Her singing live was everything, I felt like her singing in person is even better than her actual music, she has also has such a beautiful voice. Not only that, she’s hotter and even more gorgeous in person.

 Tinashe performed an exclusive song off her upcoming abum, “”Joyride,” she performed “No Contest.” I’m in loooove with that song! Now I really can’t wait for the album to release and see what else is in store.

The one thing I was disappointed in was that the concert was pretty short and there were many songs I wish she would’ve performed but overall it was a great concert.

Unfortunately my phone was being stupid so I lost many videos and pictures I would’ve loved to share with you guys.

During an intermission, Tinashe’s dancers each performed/danced to certain songs, badass hip-hop songs. It was freaking awesome! They had the crowd going. Ugh I wish I could show.

The concert took place at Showbox SoDo right down the street from Safeco Field. It was so hard to choose to whether attend the Mariners Home Opener or Tinashe’s concert. If I would’ve known that Tinashe was going to perform at 10pm then I would’ve been able to attend both. Regardless, the concert was worth it.

Tickets prior to the concert were almost $30, the day of the concert they were $35 plus a ridiculous almost $20 service fee so I just purchased them off StubHub.

I really, really wish I could post more videos for you guys but like I said earlier, my phone was acting up and so many videos got deleted. Not only that, the videos I do have I just won’t even bother to upload because I’ve been working on this post since yesterday afternoon and it is soooo slow, the videos take forever to upload and everytime I’m pushing a keyboard on my phone it is even slower. Sorry guys. (I had to come back and edit the post once I published it, the damn videos won’t show up they only show in their URL. I’m so sorry, this has me so mad!)

If you have access to Instagram, head on over to my page @S_gardeniaaa where I posted six videos from the concert.

Stay tuned for when I attend the Beyoncé concert at CenturyLink Field next month! Now for that I’ll have invested in a good camera to be able to blog.

And once again, sorry this post isn’t as good as I expected. There’s always room for improvements.

Have a Happy Hump Day! Toodles!




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