Selena x MAC Cosmetics Collaboration

Hey guys! It’s sooooo good to be back, I’m extremely sorry I’ve lagged on the blog. I’m so stressed trying to get my website completely ready for you guys to see and on top of that work and school keep me busy. I was suppose to blog for you guys Sunday night after I got homework done but I passed out and didn’t even get my homework done either. So sorry! Now let’s get to rollin’ on the blog…

So as you’ve all heard, I’m sure not one Latin soul out there doesn’t know about the Selena x MAC Cosmetics collaboration. This collaboration is important, MAC didn’t choose to make a collaboration, WE, Selena Quintanilla fans, signed a petition with over 40,000 signatures to have MAC collaborate with the Quintanilla family to make this collection happen. I remember when I first read an article online about MAC getting wind of the petition they said they’d think about it and respect the love Selena fans have for her, so I thought the collection wouldn’t happen even though the public demanded it. When time went on MAC made an announcement that they were going to collab for a Selena collection due to the amount of demand. I’m pretty sure MAC realized they will make a killer fortune off this collection, they better double or triple on the supply for this collection.

Breaking news from MAC this morning via Instagram is that on October 2016 the Selena x MAC collection will release! Yay! Now we just have to wait for an official date, time, and a preview to the products featured in the collection.

This morning they released a photo of a shimmering red lipstick called “Como La Flor.”

Swatches have also been released. (See below)

You guys better start saving those pretty pennies or make sure your man supplies you with his card because I’m sure you feel just the same way as I do, I plan on buying every single item from this collection. It’s Selena!!!!!

I can’t wait to hear more information about this collection, as soon as I get more updates and information I’ll post it on the blog immediately.

Will you guys be purchasing this collection? Let me know.

Have a Happy Tuesday!




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