Music Monday, Friday Edition: Jhene Aiko x Big Sean – TWENTY88

It’s almost 1am, it’s past midnight therefore it’s officially Friday, ay, ayyy! I really should be sleeping right now but I’m so into blogging because I have so much to update you guys with.

I mentioned two days ago that my webite will include many other subjects such as lifestyle, travel, fashion/style, music, food, etc. So, in honor of an awesome collaboration that released today I’ve fast forwarded my Music Monday post to a Friday Edition because it’s too good to pass up and hold off until Monday.

If anyone is up-to-date with their music and is on top of things then you know that Jhene Aiko and Big Sean teamed up to release music. I LOOOOOOVE Jhene!

Just a few hours ago, Jhene and Sean released TWENTY88 and IT. IS. GOOD.


Why TWENTY88? I don’t have that answer but I have that question and I’m sure soon we’ll find out the meaning behind it.

…and here are their songs:


So far my favorite tracks are “Push It,” “2 Minute Warning,” “Memories Faded,” and “London Bridge.” I’m really, really loving “Memories Faded.” Now if you want to get sexual, go with “2 Minute Warning,” it’s a K-Ci & Jojo detail that’s featured in it.

Click the link to hear previews the album–>

You can also subscribe to TIDAL to stream the entire album, and..

You can also purchase the album and/or songs via the iTunes store for $8.99

Information about the album:


This album is HOTTTTTT, how can you not want to have it on your phone or music player? Stream the album so you can fall in love with it, too.

Let me know your input on the album, comment below or send me a Tweet.

Stay tuned for more Music Mondays.




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