Beyonce x TopShop: IVY PARK

Hey guys! Same night, second post. This is progress. LOL.

So this morning around 7:30a.m., Beyonce posted a photo on her Instagram page and captioned it with a tag of @weareivypark in which of course I clicked on that page and it led me to the IVY PARK page and yes, I followed the page because its Beyonce related, duh!


…and in the image down below is the profile for @weareivypark


As soon as I saw this post I immediately knew this was a Beyonce-owned project, for one, it has the word Ivy in it and her daughters middle name is Ivy. Secondly, when I saw the image Beyonce posted on her page I knew it was a clothing line, but not only is it a clothing line, it’s an active wear clothing line. But, word on the street is that Beyonce wasn’t inspired to name her athletic clothing after her daughter, I highly doubt that and I’m sure it’s in regards to Blue.

IVY PARK is an athletic wear collaboration with TopShop that releases on Thursday, April 14th, 2016. I love TopShop! In case you guys didn’t know, Ciara is the Brand Ambassador if TopShop, just a little FYI. Check out for great styles and accesories.



Here’s a small preview of what IVY PARK athletic wear collection will look like…








IVY PARK will be available worldwide, you can visit,, and

I’ve never heard of Zalando before so you bet your ass I’m checking that out in a bit here after I’m done blogging.

You guys, prepare for the internet to break and OF COURSE I’m going to try so hard to get my hands on this athletic wear collection. I can already imagine the prices though.

There isn’t much more information I can give you guys, unfortunately. I know as much as the rest of the public does but any updates I will be sure to notify you all so stay tuned just in case.

Will you be getting your hands on this collection? Let me know!

Nighty, Night.




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