Tinashe x MAC Palette, Review & Swatches

Hey guys, it’s almost 2am and I’m at my parents house in my old bedroom on this comfy bed blogging from my iPhone.

I’m exhausted, I started my new job on Thursday, I’ve been busy with school, and on top of all that I have to squeeze my chiropractic and physical therapy appointments in between as my back is still recovering from my car accident back in December.

So much has been going on but I don’t mind it one bit. I took a 2-hour power nap earlier this evening when I got home from work and I just finished making my nieces Easter basket so the last bit of my energy will be put into this blog post as I love to blog and I blog for you, my readers.

Time to focus on the good stuff, the makeup.

In a few posts back on March 15th, I talked about the upcoming release of the Tinashe x MAC Cosmetics collab in which the palette was to be released on Thursday, March 17th. Did I nab it? Um, yasssss! I love Tinashe, she’s my favorite singer right now and I’m a big fan of hers so of course it was only right to purchase that baby.

I received my palette on Monday, the 21st, it was a super quick delivery as MAC offered me the free 2-day air shipping. Thanks MAC! It wasn’t until Wednesday that I got to play with it and do some swatches.

How beautiful are these colors? So beautiful! Great job, Tinashe.

My two favorite shadows are the “Quarry” and “Revelry” which was suppose to be actually called “Reverie” after her song.


I’m a little bummed out with “Gleam,” “Flame,” and “All Hands On Deck.” Those colors are very, very light and I had to apply them over and over, and over again just to get the shadow noticed. I resorted to eyeshadow primer and it helped a bit just not too much. Other than that, all the colors are great and I love that palette.

So, is this palette worth the purchase? Yes, yes it is.

If you already have this palette let me know your review on it, also, show me some of your looks as I’d love to see them. If you’re thinking of purchasing this palette and I’ve convinced you to do so, let me know what you think of it when you receive it.

Speaking of Tinashe, right now I’m listening to my ultimate favorite song of her, “Black Water,” go check it out on YouTube or visit http://www.tinashenow.com and you can listen to it from there or download her mixtapes.

Stay tuned for the Tinashe Joyride World Tour Concert post for photos and videos as I’ll be attending her concert on April 8th at Showbox in Seattle. Can’t wait!

Well I’m off to bed, my eyes are having trouble staying open.

Goodnight, my Lovies!




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