Tinashe x MAC Purchase

Good Morning, Lovies!

It’s been such a great week, all positive vibes and tomorrow is finally Friday, yay!

By the way, Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Anyone going out for a green beer or green drink tonight? Anyone doing anything fun? Well if you do, be safe out there and let me know what kind of fun you get into.

Alrighty, so two days ago I posted about the Tinashe x MAC Collaboration that would be releasing today which already did this morning. I checked after midnight and nothing would come up so I slept it off and as I woke-up there it was along with the Charlotte Olympia Collab.

Did I purchase Tinashe’s palette? You bet yourself I did. I love Tinashe! She’s currently my favorite artist right now. I love her vibe and energy, her music, her spirit, and style. I love her, period. Hopefully I get to see her perform in Seattle on Friday, April 8th depending on my work schedule. She’s currently on the Joyride World Tour, on Thursday, April 7th, she will be in Portland so if I can make it to either concert I’ll be sooooo happy!

So let’s talk about this palette because when news broke about the palette there wasn’t much to talk about besides it was a collab and a preview of what the palette would look like and today I got full insight after my purchase and the insight is super, duper cool!

Let’s take a look…


You guys, let’s talk about the eyeshadows. The super cool thing about Tinashe besides the fact that I love her so much and her music is that we have close birthdays and share the same birthstone, Amethyst. Amethyst is a dark purple shade and if you look up at the eyeshadow picture do you see what I see? She made an Amethyst eyeshadow and named it after the birthstone, so cool! Thanks for that, Tinashe.

Now check this out, if you’re a true fan you know her songs from her mixtapes like “Black Water,” “Vulnerable,” and “Midnight Sun.” She named her shadows after those three songs, another so cool thing. Not only that, there are four other eyeshadow names that are not songs and she has a new album releasing soon called “Joyride” so I’m assuming those four shadows are songs from her upcoming album or they could just be shadow names, I don’t know. Once her album releases and I purchase it I’ll know but until then it’s a big mystery for me cause I’m such a huge fan.

Thank you so, so much for this palette, Tinashe. I can tell the work you put into it and the palette is so cool! I can wait for my palette to arrive so I can play with it and I’m most definitely looking forward to the new album and hopefully I get to see you perform in April.

You guys, you must buy her palette and if not, listen to her music if you don’t already, you’ll be mesmerized and she’s all you’ll ever want to hear.

I hope you all have a fantastic Thursday, toodles.




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