Too Faced Cosmetics, Spring Fling Sale! 

Omg! You guys, Too Faced is having a huge sale, so many products have sold out and it ends tonight at 11:59pm! Ugh, I should’ve checked my other email account, this sale has been going on since Thursday. I’m such an idiot!


Head on over to to shop the sale.

Below I’ve added images of the items that are still in stock except for “La Petite Maison.” Behold…


I own the Sugar Pop palette pictured on the top, left corner and it is amazing. Buy that baby, you can basically get 2 for the price of 1 and that’s awesome because I purchased it at full price when it first released.

FYI, The Little Black Book of Bronzers are very tiny bronzers so if you purchase the book don’t be upset when you see the size of the bronzers because I was disappointed when it released. The book itself is small just to be exact. You’ve been warned.


The La Crème sticks are so gorgeous! If you own or purchase the Smashbox InstaMatte you can apply that onto those cream lipsticks to turn them matte.

Also, the new PB&J palette has released and it keeps selling out so good luck! I hope you guys get to nab some goodies, I won’t since I’m preparing to spend my money on all the new makeup releasing.

Happy Shopping!




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