Tinashe x MAC 

Hey guys! I hope you’ve all started your Tuesday off well. Yesterday was a super great day for me so I hope that positive vibe falls on you guys as well.

I am so excited to blog, I have a few posts I’m going to put on the blog in the next three days including today. Makeup has been releasing left and right it’s so hard to keep up and I’m usually good at keeping up, sheesh! Yesterday, late lastnight, today, and the next few days makeup is dropping like a hot tamale and you DO NOT, I repeat, you DO NOT want to miss out.

St. Patrick’s Day won’t be the luck of the Irish on Thursday, it’s the luck of the makeup lovers because all the brands just so happened to choose St. Patty’s Day to drop their makeup.

Okay, now let’s get to it.

So the R&B Singer, Tinashe (my current fave for the past year and a half) announced several weeks back that her and MAC Cosmetics are collaborating. Ahhhh!!! I looooove Tinashe so you know I’m gonna get my hands on that baby which releases this Thursday, March 17th!

The was the announcement Tinashe posted on her Instagram account.

And here is the palette…


VOILA! Look at that baby!

As you can see it includes nine shadows, I’m looking forward to those light colors so I can wear them now that Spring is basically here. While looking at those pinks they’d make a great look with my Koko K lip kit.

I don’t have anymore details about this palette but I’m sure between today and Thursday I’ll have more info to share with you guys, and when I do I’ll post it here on my blog, my Twitter account, and Instagram account so be on the lookout for that because I’ll be paying attention like a hawk since I’m purchasing this baby myself.

As you all know, MAC is always collaborating so I’m excited to see who else they’ve teamed up with, but I’m most excited and impatient for the collab with the Latin Queen, Selena! Now that we CANNOT miss out on.

Well guys, I hope you’re excited just as I am for this baby to drop and if you’re just finding out I hope you’re as excited as I was when I first got wind of the news.

Stay tuned for more. Have a great Tuesday!




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