ULTA’s 21 Days Of Beauty!

Good Morning, Lovies! I hope you’ve all been able to catch some good Z’s after having to deal with Daylight Savings Time. I’m so happy the sun will be out after 5pm now, yay! Anywho, I’m so glad to be back and to be able to blog. As stated in my previous post I have been extremely busy, life happens and it can happen unexpectedly at times. I’m just glad to be back and to talk about makeup so here we go.

On Thursday I received my Ulta Beauty catalog in the mail and to my surprise it’s for another “21 Days Of Beauty” event, woo hoo. If you’re not familiar with that event let me make it as clear as possible for you, it’s 21 days of beauty steals! How cool is that? Too cool if you ask me. I love participating in this event, actually, I always participate in this event. These are ONE DAY ONLY BEAUTY STEALS that are up to 50% off! This event will take place from today, March 13th – Saturday, April 2nd. Don’t say I didn’t warn ya.

Today is the first day of the “21 Days Of Beauty!” event, you can participate in this event by shopping in-store or online at http://www.ulta.com/21days. My nearest Ulta is literally 15 minutes away in Kennewick for those of you who are locals in the Tri-Cities area, another Ulta is located in Yakima.

Now let’s get down to the real business.


For today, day 1, you can get the iT Cosmetics “Bye Bye Pores” Finishing Powder for only $12! It’s retail price is $24 and it’s a pretty big sized finishing powder. I’ve heard great reviews on it, when in Ulta I’m always recommended to purchase it, but have I? No. I guess I should if I’m going to tell you to make sure you get it. Well I mean, it is 50% off so why wouldn’t you? A sample size probably costs you $12-$14 anyways.

The second product you can grab for a steal today is the Philosophy Microdelivery Exfoliating Face Wash for $14, it’s retails for $28. This is another product I haven’t tried, I probably won’t get it either, actually, let me be honest, I won’t be purchasing it but it is a good steal. I only use the Philosphy brand for body washes but if you’d like to try out a new exfoliating scrub you might as well purchase this one due to the fact that it’s 50% off and you’ll get points for it on your Ulta rewards card. (Remember, Ulta points are money!)

Also, if you don’t participate in the “21 Days Of Beauty!” event but you happen to be shopping in Ulta, please check your email, all Platinum Members are receiving five times the points on all Benefit Cosmetics purchases so make sure you activate that offer. I think if you’re a regular rewards member you get double the points, I’m not sure if everyone receives five times the points or if only platinum members do so don’t take my word on it. Another platinum perk is we receive free shipping on select beauty steals so pay attention to that.


Remember that Becca Cosmetics “Afterglow Palette” I spoke about in my “Shimmering Faves” blog? Yes? NO?!?! Let me remind you that it is my ultimate favorite palette that includes two of the bestseller illuminators and three of the bestseller mineralized blush/bronzers. Perfect for Summertime use. It retails at $39.50 and is selling for $25! It’s an online deal for today only and YOU MUST be a Platinum Member. Oh it pays to be Platinum 🙂


Please oh please if you’re a platinum member get online and grab this baby, if you’re not, just go grab it yourself for the retail price. I promise you, you’ll love it!

So for the next 21 days there will be some great beauty steals at Ulta, here’s what’s coming up:


They have some ACA-AMAAAAZING steals going on, go shop for these deals. If you don’t have time just go online, it doesn’t take long.

If you’re new to Ulta or you’re not signed up for their Ultamate Rewards Program please do so, those points are money, honey. You’ll receive monthly catalogs, sometimes two catalogs in one month. Their daily emails are literally gifts from them to us, you get 4-hour beauty break steals, coupons, pre-sale makeup products, birthday gifts, and all sorts of stuff. I love ULTA! I can’t say that enough, and once you’re a platinum member the points never expire. So, if you have nothing to do right now, get online, create an account, and shop or just browse around and get familiar with the site. I use the ULTA Beauty app so if you can just go download the app, it’s much easier and better than browsing online with your cellphone.

I can go on and on rambling about Ulta, how much I love it, what’s changed from when I first became a member three years ago, my experiences, how I’ve managed to save money, what all is offered in the store, and everything else related to Ulta.

One more thing, Ulta has a salon where you can get your done, nails done, get facials, a Benefit Brow Bar, and they also sell all kinds of amazing hair products, hair accessories, makeup cases, and so on so forth. I’m telling you, this store is everyyyyything!

Make sure you follow them on Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat: ultabeauty. Also, go like their Facebook page.

With that said, I hope I’ve convinced you to join the ULTABeauty club, if you guys have any questions whatsoever please let me know via my social media sites (S_gardeniaaa) or comment here on my blog. I also recently created a Twitter page for my blog http://www.twitter.com/Sgardeniaaablog so please check that out as well and we can talk there.

Have a great Sunday you guys, and Happy Shopping!




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