Kylie Lip Kit Restock!

Hey guys! Just a quick blog post here about the Kylie Cosmetics, Kylie Lip Kit.

The next restock is tomorrow, March 7th, 12pm PST, so East Coast that’s 3pm for you guys.

All seven colors are dropping: True Brown, Dolce K, Candy K, Posie K, Koko K, Mary Jo K, and the newest one yet, 22.


I, myself, have Dolce K, Candy K (my fave), Posie K, and Koko K arrives tomorrow, yay! My friend ordered 22 on its release in the last restock and she sent me a couple swatches on herself and I’m getting my hands on it tomorrow for sure. It’s a very springy and summery color, it looks much better in person than in photographs.

The lip kits are $29 + $8.95 for shipping, they are worth every penny! The lip kits sell out within minutes, lots of people complain cause they haven’t had the chance to purchase a lip kit in any restock. Thank goodness I’ve had luck myself in every restock except for the Valentines Day restock when I wanted Koko K (boo hoo.)

The site crashed in the release of the lip kits in November and it crashed again in the last release which was the fifth release. Unfortunately you now have to create an account prior to purchasing which that was the reason why I missed out on Koko K on Valentine’s Day 😦 If this happens to you I highly doubt you’ll get your hands on one but hopefully I’m wrong I’m just speaking from experience.

Well, I hope you all are lucky enough to get your hands on a lip kit or lip kits because I’ll be snatching 22 to add to my lip kit collection. I’ll update you guys on the next release as Kylie releases the info on her Kylie App. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday and best of luck tomorrow, toddles!





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