Hey guys, welcome to my blog! I’ve always wanted to blog but at first my problem was I didn’t think I was creative enough and the second problem was dedicating myself to it on a daily basis, and now that those two things are no longer my problem I’m here to blog and to stay. Yay!


This blog will be about makeup, I’m no makeup artist, let’s make that clear, I’m just very passionate about makeup itself. Let me tell you, if I was good at makeup just as I am at spending it, researching it, and collecting it, I’d be one hell of a makeup artist.

In this blog I want to show you all the makeup I love and purchase, new releases, trends, local makeup artists, makeup reviews, my favorite insta makeup pages, and so on so fourth.

I hope you all enjoy my journey as I blog, have a Happy Thursday!




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A 24-year old who has a passion for makeup, has an obsession with coffee, and has a tremendous love for dogs especially pitbulls.

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