Lip Kit by Kylie Cosmetics


The talk of the town in makeup world is the product everyone and their mama wants, the Kylie Lip Kit or Lip Kit By Kylie, which was changed to Kylie Cosmetics for its second release.

This lip kit has been way too popular, everyone goes crazy just to get their hands on one including me. At first I was a little skeptical to purchase a lip kit because as you all know Kylie Jenner is famous because she grew up in the spotlight of her big sisters, the Kardashians, and Kylie now has made a name for herself, especially after her lip scandal for getting lip injections. The scandal of her lips is what led to the lip kits and behold, they are AMAZING! You gotta give the girl credit, she came out with a great product!

I had to think hard if I was going to purchase a lip kit because I thought to myself, she’s just another famous person who’s releasing a makeup line and it probably won’t be that great. I’m glad to say I underestimated her, her lip kit is now my favorite matte liquid lipstick. Not only are they great, they smell delicious!

Okay, enough talk about that, let’s get down to the real business. I was able to purchase Candy K and Dolce K from the first release, I wasn’t fond of True Brown K so I didn’t bother purchasing it. The first release was a struggle! I woke-up early just so I could be on the site by 9am to be ready to get my lip kits and well, of course, the site crashed. I was able to put the products in my basket but the check out was a hassle when I submitted my order. Then finally it went through, hallelujah!

News broke that Kylie sold out within two minutes but I don’t think so because at 9:32am I was finally able to get my order in. So then the anticipation of my lip kits to arrive set in and I felt like one of the cool kids because everyone wanted a lip kit and they were literally pissed they didn’t get to purchase one.

Two weeks later Kylie had yet a second release and once again she sold out immediately, no surprise! My lip kit still hadn’t arrived, I had no confirmation email, no tracking order, no nothing, but I had a charge on my card. Contacting customer service was impossible because they had automated responses and that was only adding anger and frustration. Besides that it only got worse, a friend of mine ordered on the second release and she got her lip kits in less than a week, where was mine though?! It wasn’t until Christmas Eve that my lip kits arrived. I opened Dolce K and applied it to my lips, oh my goodness, it was heaven on my lips! So the fact that the product was sooooo good made up for the almost one month delivery.

Fast forward to February and Kylie added three new colors to her collection (Koko K, MaryJo K, and Posie K). The third release colors were on the pink side and a bright red with MaryJo K, I was able to get on the third release and purchased Posie K. Man oh man was that release soooo much quicker and smoother, it only took 5 days for my lip kit to arrive, but I then regretted not purchasing Koko K. Kylie then had a 4th release on Valentine’s Day and Koko K sold out within two minutes, I was so sad! I’m for sure getting it on the next release, I promise you that!

The lip kits cost $29, they include a lip liner and a matching liquid lipstick. Unfortunately shipping is expensive (for shipping costs that is), shipping was $8.00 on its first release but after that it went up to $8.75, girl better stop raising the shipping price. Some people say $29 is expensive for a lip kit but I personally think it’s a good price, a MAC lip liner will cost you $16-$20 itself and so will a lipstick, do the math.

These lip kits are matte instantly once applied, I kid you not within .03 seconds it’s nice and mattifying on your luscious lips. They are not easily removable and it lasts for hours on your lips. I had several drinks and ate food while I had Dolce K applied and not once did it smear. Lots of people compare the lip kit to the Gerard Cosmetics hydra matte liquid lipsticks and they are very similar in texture but they lack compared to a lip kit. A hydra matte lipstick takes time for it to dry on your lips and it smears off easily (I will have a comparison vlog posted soon). I love Gerard Cosmetics but I have to hand it to Kylie when creating her lip kits.

So should you invest in a lip kit if you haven’t already? The answer is YES! Trust me, they are worth it! I hope this helps and you’re convinced to get your hands on this lovely liquid lipstick.





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